Vega VLB-44 Current Calculator

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Effective Intensity:

Models Average Current at 12V
1Tier mA
2Tiers mA
3Tiers mA
4Tiers mA
5Tiers mA
6Tiers mA
7Tiers mA
8Tiers mA
2x5Tiers (2 stacks of 5T) mA
2x6Tiers (2 stacks of 6T) mA
2x7Tiers (2 stacks of 7T) mA
2x8Tiers (2 stacks of 8T) mA
3x6Tiers (3 stacks of 6T) mA
3x7Tiers (3 stacks of 7T) mA
3x8Tiers (3 stacks of 8T) mA
*Mini-Vega Web Average Current: 15mA at 12V.
*Vega VSU-29 Average Current: 4.5mA at 12V.
*NOT SUPPORTED: the model either cannot meet the required intensity or the reuqired intensity is too low that needs special software to drive.
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